Website design shouldn't cost an arm and a leg!

Painted Turtle Web Design provides affordable website design for Northern Michigan. We were created to give small businesses, non-profit organizations, and frankly anybody who would like their own Website, an alternative to those other web design companies that charge a fortune. Even though we are a web designer in Northern Michigan, we will gladly provide you with the same affordable web design services no matter where you live!

In today’s market, if you don’t have a website to promote your business, you could really be missing out. The World Wide Web is the fastest growing market of advertising in history! By having a Website, you have an invaluable tool to provide others with information. It has become as important as having a business card or phone number, however, a Website provides 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 days a year advertising and accessibility. Ads in newspapers don’t provide you with much room to fully explain what you are all about. The information you can provide on the web is unlimited! Plus, you aren’t subjected to a small area, like with print ads. People all over the world can find your Website. Your website domain address should accompany your phone number and email address with any other contact information you give out.

Website design has come a long way. Before, you had to learn and enter tons of code, knowing that one little out of place or missing character could spell doom to what you were trying to create. Now, there are a plethora of tools out there to help build stunning websites, and you don't even have to know any code. If that still intimidates you and you would rather have a "professional" build you one, that is ok! It isn't like you are born knowing how to build websites. That is where we come in. Painted Turtle Web Design feels that the days of high cost web design should be over! It is, as far as we are concerned.

Our sites are built in WordPress, an easy to use content management system that will allow the user to go in and edit/add whatever content they choose once my job is done without needed to know any of the complicated code.